You'll find a variety of youth & teen athletic programs at the Round Lake Area Park District. Whether you are interested in a league or just having fun with friends in a weekly class, we have something for you. We also offer early childhood sports development programs and non-league play. These programs are structured around fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, general rules and teamwork.

New classes, not listed in our brochure are below. To see classes listed in the Winter/Spring brochure, go HERE.

Winter/Spring 2020-21

Hot Shot Sports - Basketball Skills & Drills

Players will individually work on footwork and ball handling skills for both offense and defense. Program will follow current IDPH Youth Athletics guidelines. Masks will need to be worn by all participating for the duration of the program. Coed. For ages 7-14

13383 Saturday Jan 30- March 6 10 - 11 am

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