Swim Lessons

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Jeff Ellis Management will be handling all registration for swim classes. Click the button below to be directed to swim lesson registration. Questions may be directed to Jem Hughes by calling (331) 210-8630.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, parents are not allowed on deck during swim lessons.

Swim Lesson Registration

To see a list of swim lessons offered this summer, see pages 14-17 in our Summer Program Guide HERE

To Request a Swim Lesson Refund:

1. Go to Jeffellismanagement.com and scroll to the bottom of the first page and click on Refund Request

2. Fill out information and submit. Jem Hughes receives all requests and will call the person who submitted the refund information if she has further questions about the request

3. The refund will be based on the date that the request was submitted:

  • If request is received before the first day of the course, payer will receive all but $5 back. The $5 is a service fee.
  • If request is received on the first day of the class starting, payer will receive 50% of the money paid.
  • If request is received on or after the second day of class, payer receives no money back due to the spot not being fulfilled.

4. If a person has paid already and class hasn't started and they want to transfer to a different class that still has availability in it, then they can call Jem Hughes directly at (331) 210-8630. There are no guarantees as the system is open to the public.

Questions about daily swim fees may be directed to RLAPD Guest Service staff by calling (847) 546-8558.