srsnlc 2021 fall program guide

SRSNLC distributes three seasonal program guides: Winter/Spring, Summer and Fall. Program guides are available online and at the Robert W. Rolek Community Center, Sports Center and the SRSNLC Center. Current participants will receive program guides when they are issued at programs.

2021 SRSNLC Fall Program Guide

SRSNLC Registration Forms

To register for SRSNLC programs, the participants and/or the guardian must complete an SRSNLC Registration Form, an Annual Information Form and a Seizure Questionnaire (if applicable). Special Olympics, T.O.D.A.Y. Club require additional paperwork. Click below for SRSNLC registration paperwork. Online registration is available for some SRSNLC programs. However, an Annual Information Form will need to be submitted separately.

2021 SRSNLC Annual Information Form

2021 Seizure Questionnaire

2021 SRSNLC Registration Form


We understand that not every person with special needs requires SRSNLC services. We invite people, of all ages, with special needs to participate in a multitude of programs. We will work cooperatively to assist any resident who wishes to participate in a park district program. We will make reasonable accommodations and will work with the registrant, his or her family and others to ensure a safe and enjoyable leisure experience. If you are interested in participating in a park district program, please contact us so we can support your participation through observations, in-service or staff training, providing community leisure resources or the assistance of volunteers or "Leisure Buddies." When filling out your park district registration form please check the box indicating you would like to be contacted regarding special accommodations.