Freedom of Information Act Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the principal Illinois statutory enactment governing the inspection of public records. This Act guarantees access to thousands of documents and records generated by state and local governmental bodies. Any individual, corporation, partnership, firm or organization, acting individually or as a group, has the right to inspect public records.

Methods Whereby Public May Request Information and Public Records

  • Requests for information should be directed to the FOIA Officer(s) of the district. The FOIA Officer(s) can be emailed at
  • All FOIA Officer(s) can be reached at the Robert W. Rolek Community Center, 814 Hart Road, Round Lake, IL 60073, Phone (847) 546-8558. Requests can be submitted in writing or via e-mail at the addresses listed above. A request form is also available for your convenience at the Robert W. Rolek Community Center, 814 Hart Road, Round Lake, IL. 60073.
  • For black and white, letter or legal sized copies, the first fifty (50) pages are free and any additional pages will cost $0.15 a page. For color copies or abnormal size copies, the Round Lake Area Park District can charge the actual cost of copying. The district may require the requester to disclose whether the request is for a commercial purpose or to decide whether to grant a fee waiver.

FOIA Information Record Categories

  • Applications for Authority to Dispose of Local Records and Records Disposal Certificates
  • Freedom of Information Act Requests and Denials
  • Annexation Records
  • Records describing the Park District's Financial Status and Transactions, including statutorily or administratively required reports
  • Contracts, Leases and Service Agreements
  • Construction-Related Records, including evidence of compliance with applicable laws
  • Facilities Maintenance and Inspection Related Records
  • Personnel Records (Except to the Extent containing Private or Personal Information)
  • Applications for Usage of Park District Facilities
  • Calendars for Park District Events
  • Field Usage Schedules
  • Insurance Records, including Policy and Claims Records (Except Personal Health Information)
  • Inventories of Equipment and Supplies (including Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Minutes and Agendas (Electronic since 2006)
  • Monthly, Annual, Year-to-Date Financial Reports
  • Park District Programming, Facilities and Marketing Publications
  • Park District Surveys and Questionnaires (Redacted for Personal or Private Information)
  • Patron Suggestions and Complaints (Redacted for Personal or Private Information)
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals (Except Security-Related Policies)
  • Scholarship Records (Redacted for Personal or Private Information)
  • Statement of Economic Interest Lists
  • Election Records
  • Litigation Records (Except Privileged Records and Correspondence)

* While the Freedom of Information Act provides for the disclosure of public information, it does recognize that in order to enable public bodies to perform certain governmental functions properly, and in order to protect personal prviacy, some records and information should remain confidential. A complete listing of these exempted records and information is specified under Section 7 of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Before you fill out a FOIA form, you may find what you are looking for right on our website, including some of the documents below:

Meetings Annual Organization Summary Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2023 Fiscal Year 2023-24 Internal Operating Budget

Master Plans

In 2016, Round Lake Area Park District approved the District's comprehensive master plan which serves as the districts guiding vision to meet community needs and assist the Board of Commissioners and staff in planning the future direction of the District.

2016 Comprehensive Master Plan

PA - 97 - 0609 Compliance

The Round Lake Area Park District values its employees and the contribution they make to the community, and understands the importance of retaining quality employees in meeting the recreational needs of the community.

As required by PA-97-0609 a list of employees expected to receive compensation greater than $150,000 is available six days prior to approval of its annual budget. Within 6 business days after approving the annual budget, the Park District is required to make available a list of all employees that are expected to receive compensation greater than $75,000. Compensation includes salary, health care, a housing allowance, a clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted, and sick days granted.

The compensation information detailed above can be found at the Round Lake Area Park District Offices located at 814 Hart Road, Round Lake, Illinois 60073 or by emailing the Director of Operations and Recreation Katie Gamroth at to request an electronic copy.

Employer Cost and Participation Information, as required by Public Act 101-0504.: