About the Friends of the Round Lake Area Parks Foundation

The Friends of the Round Lake Area Parks Foundation provides residents and businesses the opportunity to join as partners with the Round Lake Area Park District to improve the quality of life in our community.

The Foundation conducts programs and events to raise funds to help offset costs of many projects that may otherwise not be funded. These projects have included playground renovations, Special Olympic sport uniforms, capital building improvements to facilities and summer camp scholarships.

For questions contact us at friendsofrlaparks@gmail.com

Hero Park

Friends of the Round Lake Area Parks Foundation is working with the Round Lake Area Park District on securing funding for a universally inclusive playground in the Round Lake Area!

  • What is a universally inclusive playground?
    • A playground that is designed to remove physical and social barriers so all children with or without disabilities play side by side with their peers and families.
  • How can you work with us to make a community impact?

Our Mission

Friends of the Round Lake Area Parks Foundation is dedicated to beautifying the community and improving the quality of life in the Round Lake Area. This is accomplished by funding, promoting, developing and implementing recreational, educational and conservation programs and facilities of the Round Lake Area Park District.


  • Over 500 children have been able to attend summer camp since the Foundation started offering scholarships 12 years ago.
  • Special Olympic Uniforms have been purchased for 3 different Special Olympic Teams.
  • Two-way mirrors were installed outside the Community Center Dance Studio to allow parents to observe classes.
  • New sound and light system was purchased for the Park District Community Theatre.
  • Contributed both time and funds toward the renovation of the Hart's Woods Playground.
  • Financially supported the GoGirlGo! program that provides health education for young women in 3rd through 8th grade.
  • The Foundation has partnered with the Park District in applying for over 10 grants in the past 5 years.
  • Contributed funds for the renovation of the shade structure located at the Aquatics Center Concession Stand.
  • Contributed funds through the generous support of the Comcast Foundation to renovate a portion of the 2-5 year play area of the Harts Woods Playground.