The Round Lake Area Park District has allocated capital funds for several park and facility improvement projects in 2019. Updates regarding the status of projects will be posted here as improvements progress.

Projects Currently in Planning or Construction

Cranberry Lakes Park - Playground Replacement: (Planning Stage) This Park was identified through the Park District's replacement program as needing all new equipment and safety surfacing. The District created an equipment replacement schedule to ensure all components meet today's safety and accessibility standards. The standard useful life of a playground is approximately 15 years. This current playground was built in 2004.

Prairie Walk Park - Playground Replacement: (Planning Stage) The Park District has a plan to replace aging playgrounds as they reach the end of their designed lifespan. As always, the playground renovations will rely heavily on safety and accessibility standards. Prairie Walk Park falls into this replacement timeline and will receive all new equipment and safety surfacing. The current park was built in 2004.

Kids Around the World: When possible, the Park District collaborates with Kids Around the World, an agency that removes existing playground parts and refurbishes them for use in other countries. Learn more at

  • Parts from old Meadowview Park have been installed at a site in Ambato Ecuador
  • Parts from old Jean Hain Park have been installed at a church that houses Syrian refugees
  • Parts from old Orchard Park have been installed at a children's home in Chang Mai, Thailand

Recently Completed Projects

Fox Chase Park - Equipment Repair: The circular slide on the 5-12 year old play structure had been damaged in June, 2019. Since then, a replacement part was installed and the playground is functional again.

Chesapeake Park - Playground Expansion: While play equipment already existed for ages 5-12, a need was identified for younger children. As such, age-appropriate play equipment for 2-5 year olds was installed and is open for public use.

Sports Center Renovations: Meeting Rooms A & B have been converted into new preschool classrooms which are ready for fall 2019.

Oak Tree Park - Equipment Repair: The 2-5 year old play component had a damaged deck pad and was closed for repair. A new part was installed and the park has been reopened.

Greenview Park - Playground Renovation: As part of the District's playground replacement program, Greenview Park has recently received all new play equipment and the asphalt pathway has been resurfaced. This replacement program ensures all equipment meets today's standards in terms of active and imaginative play, safety, and accessibility. The original playground was built in 2004.

Robert W. Rolek Community Center Renovations: In June 2018, renovations were completed on the lobby and registration areas. Most recently, the Child Development Center received new paint, flooring and hallway lockers.

Asphalt Projects

The Park District maintains approximately 1.3 million square feet of asphalt pavement throughout the District and budgets annually for replacement and seal coating. Each year pavement is assessed and a priority list is created for replacement projects. Seal coating is completed as per scheduled with main building parking lots on a 3 year rotation and other parking lots and trails on a 4 or 5 year rotation depending on usage.

In 2018 the parking lot at the Robert W. Rolek Community Center was replaced. Seal coating and striping took place over the 2019 Labor Day weekend. The Com-Ed bike trail located in Round Lake Beach has also been seal coated.