Commemorative Tree & Bench Program

This program is a wonderful way to honor a mentor, memorialize a loved one or mark a special occasion. Trees and park benches may be planted or installed in the neighborhood parks by your home or at Renwood Golf Course. The park district will assist in the selection of the tree appropriate for the desired location. The park district is responsible for the planting and installation of the tree and/or park bench.

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Dedication Plaques for Trees: All dedicated trees will be recognized on park plaques at the tree and will be maintained by the park district.


Dedication Plaques for Park Benches: All dedicated park benches will be identified by lettering on the backrest area of the bench - up to two lines of lettering is available on a recycled plastic bench..

For more information about memorial trees and benches in our parks, please contact Ane Olivares at or 847.740.9822.

For more information about memorial trees and benches at Renwood Golf Course, please contact Brad Rouse at or 847.223.1882.