Start Date: 5.02.22

Location: Special Recreation Center

TODAY Club Together Opening Doors Around You, designed for individuals, ages 18 and older, with a developmental disability looking to enrich their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. As an alternative to the workplace, T.O.D.A.Y. Club will provide a safe environment for life skill development through innovative activities, hands-on learning, and peer interaction. We will celebrate each day by exploring the participant's community, resources, and personal potential. Hours for the Club are 10 am - 3 pm each day when the program is in session. Participants must: Complete registration packet and have a current Annual Information Form on file. Be capable of functioning, participating at a ratio of 6 participants to 1 staff and be capable of performing all of their daily living skills. Display the ability to conduct themselves in a socially appropriate manner. Participant Eligibility · Ability to maintain a 6 foot physical distance from other participants and staff · Ability to properly put on, wear, and take off a face covering when necessary, for the duration of the program without assistance · Independent personal care (i.e. hygiene, toileting, feeding) · Ability to contain all bodily fluids including saliva and mucus with appropriate personal protective equipment · Participate with visual and verbal prompting within a ratio of one staff to six participants · Ability to follow the Special Recreation Code of Conduct and other pre-determined guidelines · Required to complete a daily health questionnaire at the time of drop off. Must have a current TODAY Club Membership. Prerequisite - TODAY Club Membership
Ages: 18+
Cost: $432
Program #14625