Hart's Woods Challenge Course

Hart's Woods Challenge Course is the ideal group outing for schools, scouts, clubs, sports teams and small businesses. Nestled among the trees, Hart's Woods is located in between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Activities involve mental and physical challenges that can only be resolved through teamwork and cooperation. With each activity, team members gain insight and experience to tackle the next task and how to utilize these experiences in their everyday lives. Challenge Course programs are professionally designed to help each group reach specific goals and objectives. Trained facilitators work with your group throughout the day helping them progress further and further in a challenging environment.

Hart's Woods Challenge Course has two programs geared towards different age groups that can be customized to fit your specific needs or group's abilities.

Cooperative Games

The Cooperative Games program provides kids an opportunity to focus on cooperation and communication while internalizing social skills. Whether its bringing your classroom closer together or teaching scouts the importance of working together to accomplish projects, this program can be a catalyst for good things to come.

Age: 3rd-5th grade
Group Size: 10 - 15
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $115/group
Add-on: $50/ 2 low elements

Teams Course

The Teams Course is a series of initiatives or low rope elements designed to allow groups to develop teamwork, support, effective communication, trust, and problem solving. Initiatives test your group both physically and mentally, and with each activity, the group will gain insight and experience to help them through future challenges both on the course and in their daily lives.

Age: 6th grade-Adult
Group Size: 10 - 15
Cost For 2 Hours: $215/group profit; $115/group non-profit (schools)
Cost For 4 Hours: $420/group profit; $220/group non-profit (schools)

Portable Program

Perfect for company team building exercises, conferences, and organization outings. We encourage you to call early as dates fill up quickly. Additional fees may apply.

Age: 3rd grade-Adult
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $300/group profit; $250/group non-profit (high school); $175/group non-profit (3rd - 8th grade)

More Information

Download the flyer to learn more about our Challenge Course programs:

----pdf_icon_updated.png Challenge Course Trifold

If you would like more information regarding availability, contact Katie Gamroth at 847-546-8558 or complete the fillable agreement form and email it to katie_gamroth@rlapd.org.