Policy-making and legislative authority are vested in the Park District Board, which consists of five Commissioners. The Board is elected on a nonpartisan, at large basis. This governing body is responsible, among other things, for passing ordinances, adopting the budget, appointing committees, and hiring the Park District Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the policies and ordinances of the Board, for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Park District, and for appointing the heads of the Park District's departments. Please email board@rlapd.org for any questions or concerns you may have. This email is not checked daily, for immediate assistance please call (847) 546-8558.


Board of Commissioners

President: Jennifer Blum
Vice-President: Paul Hollingsworth
Treasurer: Michael Blum
Commissioner: Tim Pasternak
Commissioner: Christine Gentes

The Park District Board of Commissioners typically meet the second Thursday of each month; occasionally the fourth Thursday as well. Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. at the Robert W. Rolek Community Center, 814 Hart Road, Round Lake. Call us at 847-546-8558 for a meeting schedule.

2018 Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
1/11/18 Minutes
2/8/18 Meeting Cancelation
2/15/18 Special Minutes
3/8/18 Minutes
4/19/18 Special Minutes
5/10/218 Minutes
5/24/18 Report of Proceedings of the May 24, 2018 Regular Board Meeting
6/14/18 Minutes
7/12/18 Minutes
8/9/18 Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes Archive

Date Minutes
1/12/17 Minutes
2/09/17 Minutes
3/09/17 Minutes
4/13/17 Minutes
5/04/17 Minutes
5/25/17 Minutes
6/08/17 Minutes
7/13/17 Minutes
8/10/17 Minutes
9/14/17 Minutes
10/12/17 Minutes
11/16/17 Special Minutes
12/14/17 Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes Archive

1/14/16 Minutes
2/11/16 Minutes
2/13/16 Special Minutes
2/16/16 Special Minutes
3/10/16 Minutes
4/14/16 Minutes
5/12/16 Minutes
6/09/16 Minutes
7/14/16 Minutes
8/11/16 Minutes
9/8/16 Minutes
10/13/16 Minutes
11/10/16 Minutes
12/8/16 Minutes

2015 Meeting Minutes Archive

1/08/15 Minutes
2/12/15 Meeting Cancelation
2/26/15 Minutes
3/12/15 Minutes
4/09/15 Minutes
5/14/15 Minutes
5/28/15 Minutes
6/11/15 Minutes
7/09/15 Minutes
8/13/15 Minutes
9/10/15 Minutes
10/08/15 Minutes
11/03/15 Special Minutes
11/12/15 Minutes
12/10/15 Minutes